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Basic Skills Teacher Training

  The community college offers an opportunity for students to earn two-year degrees, vocational certificates, or transfer to a four-year institution. However, many students who look to community colleges for these opportunities are deficient in reading to the extent that success in the typical content-area or vocational classroom is improbable. Few content-area or vocational teachers truly understand the reading process and more importantly the little things they can do to facilitate their students' ability to read course materials.

Our workshops provide the content-area and/or vocational teacher with background knowledge about the reading process, appropriate reading comprehension strategies for expository text, and learner-initiated interventions to help the under-prepared student in your classroom succeed. Our workshops focus:
  • on reading as an active meaning-building process rather than passive word recognition
  • beyond the literal to interferential and critical evaluative levels of reading comprehension
  • on comprehension strategies that facilitate help students structure and restructure concepts
  • on fix-it strategies students can implement on their own when their comprehension breaks down
  All of this without any significant change to the course content.  


ERP End-user Training


With growing technologies in the Community Colleges, many institutions are seeking ERP systems to manage the complexities of Student Services.  The responsibilities of Student Services in most ERP systems include Admissions and Records, Financial Aid (CalWORKS, EOPS), Disabled Student Programs and Services, Counseling  and Placement testing , International Students, Veterans and many more. 

Tim Brown and Associates offers to the client planning tools to use when preparing for Fit Gap sessions, support for the end- user to prepare documentation relevant to the CCFS-320 and 321, MIS (application development and online application [CCCApply] ), enrollment (including Title 5 and Education Code regulation interpretation for individual colleges), grade collection and student accounts (if applicable).  In general we will help you achieve a successful plan for Fit Gap and implementation in conjunction with your vendor .

We offer customized workshops for:
  • PeopleSoft
  • Banner
  • Datatel


Program/Curriculum Assessment


Assessment for student learning outcomes at the course level, general education level and program level has become a focal point for accreditation associations for community colleges across the country. Assessment not only involves appraisal of the effectiveness of a particular outcome, but more importantly what will be the resulting improvement to make that outcome more effective or efficient.

 Assessments specialists at Tim Brown Associates will train faculty, staff and administrators on how to build a “culture of assessment” with your institution or a specific unit within your institution in academic affairs or student services. Specifically we can assist you in:

  • determining student learning outcomes

  • assessment of student learning outcomes

  • developing an annual or comprehensive review template that will assist each unit in documenting

  • assessment of student learning outcomes

  • implementing processes for data generation and reporting to accrediting bodies





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